Microsoft Garage Expansion Continues with Grand Opening at New England Research & Development Center

The seventh Microsoft Garage just opened its doors at the New England Research & Development Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts (or “NERD”). Hundreds of students, educators, and tech pros flocked to the three-day event introducing local Microsoft teams, innovative projects they are working on—and the Garage equipment and spaces that the Boston area community can use to connect with Microsoft and….

From plants in the ground to drones in the sky, this Microsoft engineer puts her creativity to work

Microsoft employee Guada Casuso is a tech enthusiast who thrives on creativity, envisioning a future where AI could save the world. She has a knack for bringing others along as she explores new obsessions and possibilities where creativity and technology intersect. Casuso is constantly dreaming up ways to combine her love for agriculture, knowledge in IoT and AI technologies, and….

Mobile Chest X-Ray Analysis uses machine learning models to demonstrate how smart medical apps can be created

In today’s ever-growing society, there are areas of the world where resources are thin and not as readily available to those who need them most. With the help of artificial intelligence technologies, resources and knowledge can be distributed and accessed in novel ways. The project illustrates one such use case, of the intelligent edge, where AI can help inform healthcare….

Snip Insights brings AI to Snipping tool with intelligent insights

What if everyday work flows were re-imagined through the power of AI to inspire and delight? What if users could achieve more with a tool that is both easily accessible and familiar? Millions of Windows users perform the same task every single day. Screenshots are taken all the time, but as technologies progress in leaps and bounds, screen capturing tools….

Project Road Runner uses photo-realistic simulation and deep learning to train autonomous driving algorithms

“Cars take up a lot of space in our lives and in our cities. Most of a car’s lifetime is spent sitting around unused, wasting space. Making cars autonomous means more space in our cities, less accidents on the roads and a cleaner and greener environment. Also, I hate driving.” Aditya Sharma is the lead program manager of Project Road….

Lucas Rizzotto uses art plus tech to explore what it means to be human

Award-winning creator Lucas Rizzotto is running an exciting social VR experiment – a beautifully crafted immersive world inhabited by people’s most personal thoughts and wishes in his new project, Where Thoughts Go. The Garage is a big proponent of exploring and experimenting in the augmented, virtual, and mixed reality spaces. With our futuristic new Reality Room open to employees in….

New Garage Project enables Excel users to work seamlessly with functions and formulas across all translated versions of Excel

With the myriad of calculations you can perform in Excel, figuring out which functions to use can be a bit of a mystery. Finding the correct function in a localized version of Excel can be even more challenging. Sometimes functions have cryptic names. Other times they are closely named and perform similar tasks yet are not identical. When Microsoft chose….

What leading experts are saying about fake news, Spectre, and smartphone exploits

“Investing in cybersecurity today will protect our freedom of speech, the existence of free markets and most important the freedom of secure online social interaction.” Guy Shalev, Microsoft Garage – Israel   In the second year for BlueHat IL, a special edition of Microsoft’s leading cybersecurity conference, The Garage – Israel team rolled up its sleeves to hack with top….

This is what happens when interesting ideas, passion for technology, and experimental engineers converge

Each year, we host dozens of customer and partners in the Microsoft Garage. As we walk visitors through our community hub, makerspace, and most recently, our new Mixed Reality room, we often discuss everything from fostering innovation to designing spaces where people want to come together to collaborate. Across tech, banking, education, healthcare, and everything in between, one topic that….

PowerPoint team shows how hackathons and teamwork are the best testing grounds for giving life to ideas

Hacking culture comes naturally to Alex Gueniot. As the senior software engineer for PowerPoint driving technical implementation of new features, he just can’t give up on good ideas. “I compulsively need to create and to collaborate with people. That’s why I’ve been involved in almost 20 hackathon projects in the past seven years. One year, I was on six hackathon….