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News Pro 3.0 helps you search for hyper-relevant and in-depth news around your work and life every day.

  • Leverage the power of social networks for your daily news. You can sign-in with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to tailor your daily news highlights to your work experience and other interests.
  • Get informed efficiently by locating the most important and relevant articles each day based off what interests you. Get in-depth coverage for your business, product, skills, or any events that you care about.
  • Your personal news agent can keep up with interesting topics and stories with you all day long. The bot is also able to understand your picture and voice, and best of all, speak with you.
  • Share news and exchange your opinions with your own remarks. Try to be creative when you share them to your social networks.


Meet the team

Bing News Team
"News that's relevant, timely, and personalized to your work and everyday life. That's what we developed News Pro to deliver."
Yumao Lu

Garage Team

Yumao Lu, Bin Tan, Chen Liao, Cheng Gong, Cindy Liu, Dora Liang, Guangxu Ma, Haiyang Liu, Huan Li, Jay Lee, Kevin Pan, Latu Qida, Ling Li, Lisha Ma, Michael Huang, Qiao Lin (Natalie) Mao, Qiuwu Chen, Ruqi Li, Russel Bie, Sheng Zhao, Stanley Sun, Steven Fan, Tieliang Zhang, Ting Cai, Vera H-C Chan, Wenkai Jiang, Xiaolei Dong, Yaping Chu, Yeyong Pi, Yi Zhang, Yibo Zhang, Yilong Tang, Yongjian Deng, Yue Pan, Yue Zhu, Zhe Liu, Zhichao Zhang

Bing News Team

Beijing, China & Vancouver, BC, Canada


“While we can easily locate top headlines that keep us in the know with trending events, it’s harder to search for insightful news under the hood about my company, its competitors, and their products that may not be interesting to the general public but significant to me and a handful of people,” says Yumao Lu, a principal dev manager whose team works on Bing news products. He and a few others from that team came up with News Pro. “Users might be able to find general news, but if they’re coming from a small company or some segment that is more niche, they may have a hard time locating information they need.”

Inspired by this, the team dove deeper into the area of helping users search for news about very specific, narrow topics.

“There’s a gap,” Lu adds. “Many small publishers – thousands – write news about small and narrow, thin segments, but they can be difficult to locate using traditional search methods.”

“Ensuring the user receives quality news highlights in the first page was one of our biggest obstacles,” says Ling Li, the lead engineer who’s been driving the project for six months and is also its release manager. “Locating the most relevant and interesting articles for each individual user according to their interests – as well as making sure the search results are for fresh news – is really hard. We did lots of refactoring, improved the ranking logic and leveraged different types of storage to get the search results you see now in the highlights page.”

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