6 months to 100 transportation apps

With the Smart City Expo underway in Barcelona this week—and the Microsoft CityNext initiative launching in Western Europe—it’s a great time to shine a spotlight on the world’s most intelligent cities.

One such city is Manchester, where about 100 mobile apps are being developed right now to make getting around town easier for citizens and visitors. Transport for Greater Manchester made this possible by moving its transportation data to the cloud, where independent developers can use it to build creative new apps. A brilliant plan, if you ask me, which only took six months to implement.

You can read more about Manchester’s venture on the Microsoft EU Supporting Cities Hub. And when you’re done, follow all of the CityNext and Smart City Expo happenings at #CityNext. Chances are, you’ll find that other cities are discussing some of the same issues you’re facing.  

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David Burrows
Managing Director of Government Industry, Europe, Middle East & Africa