67 counties, 1 platform: Improving citizen safety through better collaboration and productivity

Throughout my more than 15 years in the industry, it’s been truly amazing to see public safety organizations continue to embrace new technology to better protect citizens. From using social media platforms during disaster response crises, to leveraging cloud technology for more efficient judicial proceedings, to implementing improved case management tools that help reduce domestic violence incidents, agencies are continuously adapting to a changing world through the use of unique and innovative solutions.

An interesting Microsoft case study details how one government services agency has also turned to a technology solution to improve its case management and collaboration, with tremendous results.

The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) is a statewide, nonprofit, non-partisan association responsible for supporting Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system – a complex organization that includes several departments, including the jails, courts, district attorneys, adult probation and parole offices, and law enforcement agencies, each operated by 67 individual counties within the state. For more than three decades, each county maintained independent case management systems, which resulted in widespread inefficiencies. The disparate systems made aggregating information for individual offenders a slow, manual process and made reporting and statistical analysis across the entire criminal justice system virtually impossible.

To help solve these challenges, CCAP worked with the Microsoft team to implement a Unified Case Management (UCM) application built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a common, flexible platform and enable information exchange among departments in the criminal justice system. CCAP had been using the platform internally for project management and contact management, so they were already familiar with the technology as well as the extensibility of the xRM application platform. The new UCM solution delivered tangible results for the organization and citizens in several important ways:

1. Improved Public Safety

Access to complete, accurate information ensures that case workers, probation officers, or jail guards who come into contact with an offender has access to the most current information about him or her. “With UCM, they don’t have to call probation or find a piece of paper to see if there’s a warrant out on someone; they have the current contact information to locate an offender faster; it helps ensure the safety of our officers and our citizens,” said Rita Reynolds, CCAP’s Director of Technology Services and Telecommunications.

2. More Efficient Processes

The UCM significantly reduces redundant data entry, which eliminates manual rekeying of data between systems and automates reporting and statistical analysis to save counties time and money over the long term. For resource-strapped counties, the ability to reduce spending without negative impacts to citizen safety or how efficiently offenders are processed is huge.

3. Better Insight

The reporting and dash-boarding capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, along with the additional analytical opportunities resulting from the common data model, enable more effective, proactive management of the criminal justice system at the state, county and department levels. The UCM “delivers accurate information to the people who need it, whether they are managing daily workloads of individual case workers, compiling annual reports for state agencies, or mining data for trends and patterns that will shape the future of the criminal justice system.”

I encourage you to check out the full case study for more details on this implementation and its amazing results. With flexible workflow tools such as these, law enforcement agencies around the world can leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform for the development of rich, flexible applications and experience even better cross-departmental collaboration and productivity for improved public safety.

And, we’ll soon be bringing you more news about new Dynamics CRM services updates that will do even more to support agencies’ missions, so watch this space for updates!


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