Embracing Innovative CRM for More Effective Citizen Safety

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is certainly living up to its name these days – together with our partners we are constantly exploring, adapting, and growing this solution to meet the evolving needs of our public safety customers in a truly progressive environment. Today, I’m excited to share two recent examples of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM supporting public safety in innovative, agile, and cost-effective ways.


First, it was announced at the Convergence 2013 conference that Microsoft has acquired leading social analytics and monitoring solutions provider Netbreeze, and will integrate the company’s robust native language analytics, data mining, and transactional and text analysis capabilities into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Netbreeze offers comprehensive coverage of social channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as well as thousands of other sites, blogs and news boards, in support of 28 different writing systems including German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Mandarin – delivering a significant advantage over other solutions that require translating social activity back to a common language in order to analyze sentiment.  

Law enforcement and public safety agencies are increasingly turning to social media and open data for better situational awareness and collaboration. With the Netbreeze acquisition, the expanded capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM will enable public safety agencies to protect and proactively improve citizens safety in profound new ways – from monitoring peaks in Twitter traffic during major events in order to mobilize police forces appropriately, to identifying criminal activity on social networks, to enabling better communication between emergency responders in a crisis by surfacing data from numerous sources. 

Second, the Illinois Department of Corrections has demonstrated both pragmatic responsibility and tremendous vision by recently deploying the “Offender-360” solution, which uses the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to monitor information for 49,000 prison inmates and 28,000 parolees across 26 correctional centers in the state.

The Offender-360 system replaces a large 1980s mainframe system as well as 41 disparate offender management applications and centralizes all information and intelligence on offenders – such as disciplinary tracking, sentence credits, sentence calculation, risk assessment, and medical records – to help staff make more effective and informed decisions regarding placement, rehabilitation, and release. The implementation is expected to save taxpayers millions of dollars while also increasing public safety, improving outcomes for offenders, and reducing recidivism rates.

The roundtable events at the recent Public Safety & Justice Worldwide Advisory Council gave us a chance to hear more about what leaders need from their CRM solutions, and we listened closely. As the world evolves, so do each agency’s unique opportunities, barriers, and challenges – and we’re honored to be working alongside them in the pursuit of worldwide citizen safety and justice.
Please watch this space for more news and updates about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments that are transforming our world. To ask questions, share ideas, or get more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM for public safety and national security, please contact us at safetyanddefense@microsoft.com or @MicrosoftPSNS.
Ayrianne Davis
Applications Lead, Worldwide Public Sector

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