European leaders discuss the future of cyber safety

A number of high profile cyber attacks, plus the emergence of game-changing new technologies like cloud computing, have elevated cyber security to the top of the national security agenda for policymakers across the European Union (EU). The European Commission has announced its intent to launch a number of initiatives, such as the European Cybercrime Centre and the European Strategy for Internet Security, to better equip member states to fight cyber crime and foster security. The Commission is also aiming to improve cooperation between multiple critical stakeholders, such as law enforcement, public and private sectors, and to reinforce Europe’s technical capabilities by strengthening critical infrastructure and CERTs coordination across the union. In all, 2012 is shaping up to be a hugely important year for European cyber security.

That’s what makes the Microsoft EU Cybersecurity and Digital Crimes Forum, a full-day conference that will be held in Brussels on May 31, one of the year’s most important events. The forum brings together senior- level policy makers, national security leaders and digital crime specialists to open the information exchange not only between the security industry and the European Commission, but other national governments as well.

This type of open dialogue is critical to the health and success of a widespread cyber strategy, as industry experts meet to discuss important topics such as threat evolution and creative approaches to fighting cyber crime. We hope you’ll stay tuned for news and updates related to the forum as the EU seeks to increase collaboration, strengthen capabilities and build a more secure cyber future.

Please note that attendance at this event is by invitation only, but feel free to send an email to for more information.

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