Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia Police Department turns to Windows Phone App for citizen communications

The North Rhine-Westphalia Police Department (PD) is the largest state police unit in Germany, with 50,000 employees spread across 1,000 locations, working to ensure the public safety of nearly 19 million residents. With a geographically distributed workforce that large, information sharing is absolutely critical, and last year the department’s leadership made the decision to leverage a mobile application to improve internal collaboration and information distribution to citizens.

Microsoft partner expectare built the application on the Windows Phone platform to provide a central mobile repository for data like breaking public safety news, photos of missing or wanted persons, maps and directions to key public safety resources like police stations, and search warrant data. Not only does the application streamline the information gathering process for North Rhine-Westphalia officers, but it enables them to easily share public safety data with citizens in real-time.

This is an incredible example of an innovative police department deploying the latest technology in support of citizen safety. Watch the video, which offers additional perspective from North Rhine-Westphalia PD leadership.

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