Highlights from the Year in Public Safety and National Security – Part 1

As we speed toward the end of 2012 (and On Safety and Defense’s first anniversary!), it seems like a great time to reflect on the exciting events of the past year past year. It’s been an amazing time to be part of the public safety and national security community – from cloud computing to social media to mobile technologies, we’ve seen incredible successes and sea changes within government and industry that make us proud to be working together to create safer societies around the world. Here are a few of our favorites:

• Digitizing the crime scene
Technology had truly changed the law enforcement landscape – this post shows how the Netherlands Forensics Institute uses the latest digital tools to capture evidence more efficiently, process crimes scenes more accurately, and help investigators “connect the dots” like never before.

• Cloud doesn’t have to be scary – Even in national security
Cloud adoption has become the norm in private sector, but many national security decision-makers still worry about the risks to privacy and security. Here, we talk more about the benefits that come from a customized private cloud that can provide a compelling mix of military-grade customized security, cost savings and efficiency benefits.       

• The key technologies to disaster recovery
In a year marked by extreme weather events, the ability to leverage technology to support response efforts became even more critical. This post discusses the way cloud computing and mobile networks help maintain communications and collaboration capabilities during times of crisis.   

• Portugal joins nations coordinating to fight cyber crime
Global IP networks have created a virtually borderless society – and when it comes to fighting cyber crime, that presents huge challenges. So when Microsoft formed a partnership with the Portuguese government to support the country’s future National Cybersecurity Center, it signified another important step in creating a global national security network to protect online communities from crimes like spam, malware, hacking and exploitation.

• Empowering public safety through mobile technology
Mobile technology use has exploded, and governments have begun using this tool to share information and help identify and eliminate public safety threats. This post explores how the phenomenon has impacted communication in developing nations including Malaysia and Haiti.

In part two of this series, we’ll continue to highlight more of the successes that made 2012 a special year for PSNS around the world. If you have suggestions, let us know at @MicrosoftPSNS!


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Jennifer Steele | Senior Marketing Manager, Worldwide Public Safety and National Security Industry

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