Information – The Lifeblood of Policing

​In my last blog, I wrote about how Microsoft technology is helping Operation SmileThe former Commissioner of the British Metropolitan Police, Sir Paul Condon QPM (1993 to 2000), referred to information as “the life blood of policing” – a statement that’s as true today as it was then.

But the sheer volume of data that must be collected and processed by agencies is staggering. Managing it becomes even more daunting when combined with the demands of interagency coordination, both in the command and control room and with officers on the ground, and the need to monitor constantly evolving threats, including social media abuse, cyber crime and cyber security risks. Together with increasingly high expectations from governments, businesses, and citizens, plus the constant pressure of budgetary and resource constraints, the mission can seem nearly impossible.

That’s where technology comes in.

An integrated operational environment can deliver the improved effectiveness and cost-efficiency that law enforcement organizations need to combat illegal activity and address criminal networks. Our new white paper, “Information – The Lifeblood of Policing,” shows how on-premises and cloud-based solutions enhance intelligence and accelerate investigation-led lifecycles by:

  • Searching, gathering and analyzing complex streams of information;
  • Collaborating and communicating with enhanced security;
  • Presenting information intuitively for more effective communication;
  • Connecting communities with citizen portals;
  • Streamlining investigative case management;
  • Controlling vast amounts of unstructured data;
  • Creating powerful connections between people inside and outside an agency; and more.

Case studies from the Thailand Department of Special Investigation, the Department of Interior of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Spain, the Hungarian National Police and many others provide real-world examples of technology solutions that delivered real results.

With the right tools in place, agencies can better combat crime, mitigate emergency situations, tighten security operations, and prepare to effectively deal with potential threats in order to create safer communities.

Click here to download the complete paper and learn more: Information – The Lifeblood of Policing (PDF)

Dr. Andrew Hawkins
Managing Director, Public Safety and Justice, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation

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Dr. Andrew Hawkins | Managing Director, Public Safety and Justice, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation

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