Is Public Sector CRM the key to better, safer societies?

?Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – a fundamental practice for many commercial organizations – seems to be gaining new interest among public safety and national security these days, as governments and agencies are starting to reconsider how they interact with their citizens. More than merely cutting costs and streamlining services, public sector CRM has the opportunity to redefine constituent relationships and civic culture.

In April, a group of public safety and national security experts gathered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for an Enhanced Citizen Engagement Workshop. The event brought together Microsoft leaders, customers, and partners to discuss critical issues in leveraging information and communications technology for improved citizen engagement. One of the hottest topics was public sector CRM.

It’s not unusual for citizens to feel disconnected as the scope and complexity of a government increases and expands; historically, it has proven difficult to maintain close relationships between citizens and governments over time. But public sector CRM has the potential to change all that – with increased efficiencies and improved cost savings – by streamlining interactions between citizens and services providers and by equipping public sector employees with better tools to perform daily functions. These improved processes, in turn, facilitate and empower more informed, involved, and safer communities.

To illustrate this point, Microsoft partner Agtiv provided a demonstration on its citizen complaint management solution, which enables governments to effectively track incidents from citizens using Dynamics CRM. In the public safety world, Dynamics CRM can also be used for offender management and health and public health management, as well as other areas like asset and infrastructure inspection, repair, and compliance, and event management.

Mason, another local Microsoft partner, also shared a number of best practices case studies utilizing SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and other technologies that enable great connected government scenarios.

Accountability and transparency continue to be key issues for citizens, and public sector CRM systems can be a very useful tool for building effective, data-driven systems that cost less and deliver more in many areas of public safety. We’ll look forward to continued conversations around this important topic at more events this year.

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