Online forum: insights for transforming into a lean, modern agency

At its core, innovation in technology is based on the idea that there’s always room for improvement. The key for government organizations is converting the promise of innovation into the reality of a transformed, lean,and modern government. By attending the Microsoft Virtual Federal Forum on March 4th from 8 AM – 2:30 PM EST, you can gather real-world insights into practical applications to create a lean, modern workplace.

Why attend?

Here are three good reasons:

  • Gather information from the source.  Hear from in-the-know Microsoft executives, industry thought leaders, and strategicpartners. Learn about common challenges facing agencies today, along with strategic insights from multiple perspectives and lessons learned from actual implementations.
  • Evolve your organization. Come away with useful hands-on knowledge that you can use as you evolve your own organization to support the demands of a 21st century government.
  • Save travel costs. Participate along with the broader Federal community without leaving your office or budgeting for travel. We’re streaming the Forum live from the Reagan Center in Washington, D.C.

Who will I hear from?

There’s a great line-up for the event:

  • Greg Myers, Vice President, Federal, Microsoft, will introduce the idea of aligning for a lean and modern government.
  • The keynote speaker, The Honorable Tom Ridge, Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, offers his unique view on the timely topic of the global mission to secure cyberspace.
  • Jane Boulware, Vice President, US Windows Commercial, Microsoft, will be on hand with live demos and best practices to illustrate how to leverage a next-generation mobile workforce for 21st century government.
  • A customer panel consisting of representatives from Veteran Affairs, the U.S. Navy, and the Environmental Protection Agency will share their special expertise.

To register:

As a virtual attendee, you’ll have access to bonus material and downloadable related session materials. During the event, you’ll be able to share ideas and ask questions of experts and executives through live chat, Twitter, and Q&A sessions. I hope you’ll join us. Please register here.

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Michele Bedford Thistle
Business Manager, Government, National Security, and International Organizations, Worldwide Public Sector

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