Protecting domestic violence victims through technology: Dynamics CRM supports the Generalitat of Catalonia, Spain

At this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, the Microsoft team shared an important new case study that demonstrates what happens when software does more than save time and money – it saves lives.

As recently discussed by my colleague Jose Antonio Ondiviela in his blog post, “How Spain’s Generalitat of Catalonia used Dynamics CRM to address domestic violence,” this case study shows how one Spanish institution has implemented Microsoft technology to improve public safety for its citizens.

Using the Dynamics CRM platform, the Generalitat of Catalonia’s Department of Interior has implemented a system that aims to reduce the number of domestic violence victims in Catalonia by managing reports of domestic violence, offering resources to victims and helping to prevent future attacks. The Integrated System for Care of Victims (SAIV) provides a fast and efficient way to manage the records for a person who has been abused, connects law enforcement databases in order to collect important information and quickly assess a victim’s risk. The new system helps integrate and update records more easily so that agents have a “360 degree view” of a victim’s case from which they can determine appropriate protective and proactive measures.

Several months into the program, officials report positive results for both users of the system and for victims. Users experienced increased productivity, higher performance, better usability, and integration among systems, which they predict will result in an overall long-term improvement in quality of service to victims. The General Director of Security Administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Andreu Martinez, also said he expects significant cost savings due to the improved integration of files and cases.

We’re so proud to be a part of this important program. I encourage you to check out Jose’s blog post, the official case study for this project, and this short video to learn more about how technology can have a real impact on improved citizen safety.

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