Talking about cost savings: Driving cost reductions using technology

It’s hard to turn on the TV today without seeing another news story about the bleak economic outlook facing many regions of our world. We are constantly being bombarded by these stories of change and uncertainty. In fact, uncertainty appears to be the prevailing climate in which organizations must now operate.

As government leaders, you know this all too well, with continues pressure on your budgets - and by extension - your ongoing projects and operations. Based on what our customers are sharing with us, it’s clear that despite this budget pressure, the performance expectations placed on your organizations aren’t letting up.

Citizens demand higher caliber services from their governments – ones that they’ve come to expect as consumers. From easier/faster online services to having access to dashboards and data detailing government spending and performance, these tools are no longer "nice to have" features—they are requirements in many parts of the world. But delivering these new capabilities and increasing data sharing and accountability doesn’t come without investment.

A lot of customers have been expressing the same sentiment: "I need to be able to do more with less, but my costs keep rising and budgets keep shrinking – what can I do?"

To help answer this increasingly common question and to spark a broader conversation around the topic, I’m excited to share a great new resource that is available on our worldwide public sector website: A plan of government that reflects the times. Essentially, it’s a guide to the latest money-saving and efficiency strategies that we hope will inspire you to look at your challenges in a new light, and apply new ways of thinking to help your organization save on its IT spending. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be exploring the core themes presented in this guide, including:

  • Maximizing the efficiency of your IT infrastructure
  • Driving cost reductions
  • Establishing "invest a little, gain a lot" IT strategies

In addition, Microsoft on Government will be exploring some of the best and brightest examples of cost saving strategies in government, and how these organizations have succeeded in delivering new services – without breaking budgets. We’ll also share outside resources on tips for getting greater value out of existing IT investments and how to pinpoint new cost saving opportunities. For starters, here’s a great read on IT cost-saving tips from Gartner that we highly recommend.

I look forward to checking in as we begin adding to our series of posts on this guide. I also encourage you to participate! If you have a story or tips you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you – share your cost savings tips and tricks with me directly via e-mail (, or with your peers via twitter (@Microsoft_Gov).

Michele Bedford Thistle
Business Manager, Government, National Security, and International Organizations, Worldwide Public Sector

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Michele Bedford Thistle | Business Manager, Government, National Security, and International Organizations, Worldwide Public Sector

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