Two innovative technology solutions that use social media to improve citizen safety

One of our most important ongoing missions at Microsoft is to better help public safety organizations engage with their citizens. A recent post on our Bright Side of Government blog team highlights one great example of how Microsoft is incorporating the social media platforms that people use in their personal lives (like Twitter and Facebook) to enable better collaboration with and between their local government departments, fire and rescue, municipal police, health, education, and various voluntary organizations – to ultimately support safer communities.  

Two such initiatives are Tweet3PO, a community project that disseminates open government data in a hyper local fashion via social media platforms, and Citizen 360, a Microsoft initiative that provides local government agencies with a platform to disseminate useful government data. Both programs leverage useful technology to promote citizen engagement, education, and safety.

Dave Grobleski, part of Microsoft Public Sector's Justice and Public Safety Practice team, shares more about how citizen outreach programs like these can work to help government’s better serve communities. I encourage you to check out his interview for details these exciting initiatives.

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I look forward to sharing more information as we continue to expand the reach of our public safety solutions to meet important customer challenges.

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Dr. Andrew Hawkins | Managing Director, Public Safety and Justice, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation

Dr. Andrew Hawkins, Director, Public Safety & Justice Solutions, Worldwide Public Sector, has more than two and a half decades’ public sector expertise. He holds a PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University Management School. Read More