Windows 8 is here! Partners: Are you ready?

I’ve been at Microsoft for nearly 15 years, all of it in partner-facing roles, and I’ve seen lots of products come and go. The Windows 8 launch is different. The excitement is palpable for both business customers (including governments) and consumers. Windows 8 is just the tip on a product portfolio refresh that’s the biggest ever for Microsoft. As a partner, it’s going to be an exciting year to work with Microsoft government customers.

In a purely traditional sense, Windows 8 will help catalyze an enormous desktop modernization wave to retire Windows XP desktops before the product retires on April, 2014. Over 400M copies of Windows XP were sold since its launch in October, 2001, meaning there is a massive opportunity for partners to assist governments in making the transition. Desktop infrastructure refreshes also offer an inflection point at a time when new scenarios such as cloud computing are being pursued. Bottom line: With Windows 8, there are huge opportunities for customers and partners alike.

Potentially even more exciting is the paradigm shift represented by Windows 8 applications and their corresponding opportunity for governments and the partners that serve them. For the first time, Windows will be the common kernel of phones, consumer devices and business computers. Think of all the new potential application scenarios for our government, public safety, national security, and defense customers. With Windows 8, new touch-driven, mobile, and immersive Windows applications powering a variety of government scenarios will not be far off on the horizon:
• Apps that help government workers better support constituents
• Apps that transform how citizens interact with government
• Apps that help government executives consume and interpret information to make better decisions
• Apps that help law enforcement, the military, and much more

With apps will come a big demand for Windows 8 developers. If you are interested in learning more about developing apps for Windows 8, be sure to check out this website. For partners, monitor the MPN Windows 8 partner home page here which summarizes training, presentations, case studies, and programs for partners. Already developing a government app for Windows 8? We’d love to hear from you and include it in a future post! You can reach us at: Kudos to Government partner Software Innovation from Norway whose new Windows 8 application for Government Workers is now in the Windows Store here

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Steve Jenkins
Senior Director, Government Partners, Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector

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Steve Jenkins | Senior Director, Government Partners, Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector

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