Operational Communications & Collaboration for Defense

Drive unity of effort and operational excellence and achieve with secure communication and collaboration capabilities and tools.

    Modernizing mission critical apps in the DoD

    Drive greater productivity with a common operational picture

    Mobility, social computing, and the proliferation of personal devices are major trends. Defense leaders are searching for new ways to leverage these trends to help improve productivity and collaboration. With robust security and privacy controls, centralized policy management, and detailed reporting and analysis, Microsoft solutions and services help ensure that all sensitive data remains safeguarded. And with a single platform for networked governance, departments can provide personnel with seamless access to mission-critical services and systems with a familiar user experience across PC, phone, and browser.

    Enable anywhere productivity

    Microsoft unified communications provide defense organizations with seamless and cost-effective mobile communications. Additionally, with the ability to extend shared services across multiple agencies, defense organizations can provide instant, role-tailored access to data.

    Speed information access with enterprise search and open source intelligence

    The Microsoft enterprise search platform provides defense and government intelligence agencies with the ability to gather and locate relevant intelligence. With an enterprise search solution, personnel and agents gain the versatility, flexibility, and capability needed to better manage increasing amounts of data and data types. With contextual search, relevancy, and navigator features, users can quickly find the information they need to gain insights and speed results.

    Leverage social listening and network feeds to enhance situational awareness

    With tools like Microsoft Social Listening, defense agencies can transform data from social networking feeds into situational awareness and actionable intelligence to help assess and thwart emerging situations. Monitor trends, public sentiment, crowd movement, and local infrastructure conditions.

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