Principles for shaping cybersecurity norms

Cybersecurity Risk Paradox

Hierarchy for Cybersecurity Needs


Support today’s connected citizen, while helping to maintain security.

Provide a modern and secure online experience:

  • Realize the vision of a more trusted Internet.
  • Provide more secure access to information.
  • Enable citizens to control their information.
Public/private sector collaboration

Microsoft works collaboratively within public and private sectors to enhance security across the entire computing ecosystem, including trusted internet, cybersecurity, infrastructure, cloud computing and supply chain.

Security and privacy fundamentals

Security and privacy should be at the forefront of all software development. The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle can provide a cost effective way to ensure the security of your software and addresses security and compliance requirements.

Good governance and more secure access

Governments are under extreme pressure to provide improved services with reduced costs. Agencies need to increase collaboration, empower people, and share resources more effectively—all while protecting assets and infrastructure.

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The right technology can help you secure your messaging and collaboration, information, and identity and access management.

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Empowering people

Citizens have the right to control their own personal information and to control their communications. Protecting citizen privacy is critical to maintaining a global economy that relies on a massive exchange of information.

Building trust requires collaboration with customers, partners, the technology industry, and governments worldwide. See the Microsoft privacy policy and practices, including privacy in the cloud.

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