Smarter Government Action through Advanced Analytics and IoT

Harness the data explosion to produce actionable analysis, deep insights and better decision making.

    Privacy, Big Data and the role of government

    Make insightful decisions

    Work with virtually any type of data in new and insightful ways in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid data platform using self-service data analysis tools and applications.

    Enable everyone to make better, faster data-driven decisions

    Give users the power to create compelling dashboards and self-service Business Intelligence solutions.

    Auckland Airport improves business agility with near-real-time reports and self-service BI tools

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    Increase operational efficiency and contain costs

    Create insights and spot trends that can help control costs, reduce waste, drive new efficiencies, and streamline operations.

    Seattle aims to reduce energy usage by 25% with smart buildings

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    Achieve the Potential of the Internet of Things

    Capture the data from your assets and utilize advanced analytics to improve efficiencies and performance

    City of Breda manages water and reduces costs

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