Connecting Agencies & Citizens

Connect your departments and agencies to increase collaboration, drive productivity and innovate new digital services that benefit society and the economy.

    Lessons learned at the EPA, VA, and Navy Reserve

    Connect leaders, staff and citizens

    Microsoft is working to reinvent productivity to create a world where people can truly make the most of their time and government leaders, employees and citizens can achieve more.

    Promote cross-organizational collaboration

    With Microsoft, Governments can connect their agencies and provide one user experience and higher levels of citizen service.

    Danish city gains efficiency, fosters collaboration with cloud-based productivity tools

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    Reduce costs, increase agility, and provide the tools to work efficiently

    Microsoft productivity, collaboration and communications tools help Governments to reduce costs, connect agencies and improve efficiencies.

    Adelaide City Council reduces costs by 75 percent and deliver anywhere, anytime working.

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    Protect data and enhance compliance

    Microsoft has a continued focus on security and privacy best practices and adheres to the most rigorous global and regional security, data protection, and accessibility and compliance standards in the industry.

    Montgomery County wanted more advanced archiving and reliable data security, while reducing costs.

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