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Find productivity and social tools to streamline case management, access information more quickly, and enable anywhere productivity.

    Lessons learned at the EPA, VA, and Navy Reserve

    Connecting leaders, staff, and citizens to do more

    Microsoft collaboration and social solutions provide you with a single platform for networked governance, providing users a familiar user experience across all their devices—PC, phone, and browser. With robust security and privacy controls you can rest assured all data remains safe and private.

    Grand Rapids uses CRM to Process Citizen Requests

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    Streamline case and task management

    Assign work flows based on SLA’s and define organization-wide KPI’s that alert quick response and swarming teams via tools such as Yammer, email, and workflow notification.

    British Government Council Improves Citizen Service via Simplifying Workflows and Microsoft solutions

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    Better engage with citizens

    Leverage the value of social information with tools that help you track citizen sentiment to deliver more personalized services.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Supports the Social Strategy of Tourism Ireland

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