Microsoft 311 Service Center accelerator

Grand Rapids rolls out 311 service request solution in just five days

311 Service Center in action

Microsoft 311 citizen services solution accelerator

Empower citizens and service agents with a modern citizen service center.

Get the tools to serve citizens more responsively:

  • Benefit from self-service citizen portals and knowledge base.
  • Get streamlined case management, workflows, and call scripts.
  • Use powerful management dashboards and reporting.
Discover interactive self-service citizen portals

Web-based citizen portals with a mapping component allow citizens to search for information, submit service requests, visualize geographic location information, and monitor the progress of active cases.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities make it easier to search internal and public data sources so both citizens and agency staff can find the information they need quickly.

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Use workflows and call scripts for more efficient case management

​​Whether a citizen initiates contact by phone or submits a request over the web, an end-to-end service request engine handles all the required routing and workflow—from the creation of a service request all the way through resolution—keeping stakeholders informed throughout the process with status notifications.

Interactive, step-by-step scripts, tailored to six specific scenarios, help agents handle calls and requests more efficiently and consistently. This can help minimize errors and improve the cost-effectiveness of service delivery.

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Get the most of management dashboards and reporting

Powerful reporting capabilities through dashboards and standard reports (which seamlessly export to Excel and other familiar formats) can enhance performance tracking and accountability. Management-oriented reports display summary data of service requests by case type, priority, geographic distribution, and resolution time. These reports supply the timely business intelligence that enables cities and counties to analyze trends in citizen requests, monitor service level agreements, and improve accuracy and planning.

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