Task management solutions for U.S. DoD organizations

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Task Management

Perform the business of government more efficiently with a powerful task management platform.

Get a powerful, flexible framework to manage challenges:

  • Automate manual processes to help save time and improve workflows, with consistent processes and quality standards.
  • Give authorized personnel visibility into all appropriate workflows.
  • Provide robust reporting metrics for deeper data analysis and auditability—from start to finish.
Streamline processes with familiar, easy-to-use tools

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Task Management Solution integrates with software technologies you use every day, such as Outlook and SharePoint, so your agency can rapidly adopt the tools and help increase potential return on investment. From executive staff to action personnel, the solution helps transform repetitive tasks into powerful business workflows and can help you gain control over information flows within your agency.

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Control information access and security

Help protect information with a security-enhanced platform designed to help keep your agency’s data confidential, with the ability to personalize information access according to the role of each user. The solution can be customized easily to meet your organization’s specific processes and requirements. Microsoft and our partner, Ascentium Corporation, collaborated with the U.S. Air Force Europe (USAFE) to develop a scalable and flexible commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for federal agencies based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Task Management Solution framework.

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Monitor agency programs and communications with improved measurements and reporting

Managing government agencies is more complex than ever, requiring you to track diverse tasks and information flows with fewer resources and in less time. Measure the success of your programs with powerful tracking and analytic tools that deliver key performance indicators, graphical analysis, and audit trails. Intuitive, template-based reporting functionality and executive dashboards make it easy to capture and evaluate workflow metrics.

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