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Medicaid Management

A Medicaid management information system (MMIS) can help you comply with Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) standards as you integrate existing systems with new services.

Help improve service delivery, security, and control:

  • Help protect sensitive health data with role-based access and address compliance requirements.
  • Accelerate processes with faster access to management and administrative reporting.
  • Improve collaboration with a common information and reporting framework across multiple agencies
Address your compliance requirements

To comply with MITA requirements, Medicaid service providers must meet stringent systems management and healthcare guidelines. MMIS solutions based on a connected HHS framework can help you comply with MITA standards.

An integrated MMIS solution provides a central, secure location for your health data. Role-based access for sharing data within your agency and beyond helps your staff to get current information—when and where they need it.

An MMIS aligned with the Microsoft Connected HHS Framework can also help you update your existing healthcare payer solution to provide faster, more efficient client services as you integrate your existing, agency-shared services with new services.

Manage staff workloads and streamline processes

​Automated claims-processing and information-retrieval systems give you faster access to the data you need to produce up-to-date management and administrative reporting (MARS). Public payer solutions built on a Microsoft Connected HHS Framework can help staff work more efficiently and cost effectively, because they enter information only once, saving time, helping to reduce the chances for error and to save hospital and physician administrative costs.

Enable collaboration within and across agencies

MMIS solutions built on the Microsoft Connected HHS Framework provide a common set of federal reporting requirements, helping your agency to align with other health and human services agencies to improve collaboration and authorized information sharing.

With the right MMIS solution, you can address compliance with MITA standards and make faster and more informed decisions.