Microsoft Cloud Transformation for Public Safety & Justice

Empowering public safety and justice officials to better serve their citizens with scalable, cost-effective, and innovative cloud services – without comprising security, privacy, and reliability.

    Mecklenburg County goes all in with Microsoft Cloud Platform

    Weighted down by infrastructure complexity? Simplify.

    Organizations turn to the cloud to deliver solutions and services

    Many public-safety and justice organizations are turning to cloud services to gain new levels of flexibility, manageability, and agility. The Microsoft cloud platform provides your organization with a trusted platform for mission-critical performance and data storage.

    Transform and modernize your datacenter

    Reduce costs and optimize workloads across teams by consolidating your datacenter with a Microsoft cloud platform. With a unified management console and a full view into critical data across all your systems, you can provide partners and agencies with access to real-time data and services that streamline operations.

    Leverage the cloud to reduce storage infrastructure sprawl

    Microsoft storage solutions help organizations cost-effectively reduce storage infrastructure sprawl and ensure accurate, complete information availability. Leveraging Microsoft Azure, your organization gains continuous application availability, scalability, and manageability.

    Enable greater transparency with public-facing websites and portals

    Agencies can deploy citizen portals and a public-safety messaging system with the trusted security and manageability of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and SharePoint. With a unified web console, IT can streamline service delivery and drive operational efficiencies.

    Host emergency and event management solutions in the cloud

    By hosting solutions in the cloud, you can protect your organization and maintain critical services if infrastructure is damaged or becomes inaccessible.



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