Mobility in Public Safety & Justice

Enable citizens, law enforcement, first responders, and justice officials with secure, anytime, anywhere access to the right information and applications across a myriad of devices.

    San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

    Boost productivity with mobility solutions

    Mobility and security are top priorities for public safety and justice leaders. Mobility solutions and devices from Microsoft and its partners can enable first responders, and law enforcement and justice officials to complete crucial missions at any time, any place, with a choice of devices.

    Empower intelligence-led mobile policing

    With the ability to access tools from mobile devices, police and first responders can gather information, collaborate, and communicate in real time. They can even populate mapping software with critical information that enables them to create a common operational picture to track developments, identify areas needing support, and monitor their assets.

    Enhance decision making

    With Windows-powered mobile devices and the Microsoft mobility platform, agencies can provide their personnel in the field with anytime access to real-time data. This enhances decision making for better service and operational efficiencies.

    Improve meetings and briefings

    With secure access to files and systems from their mobiles devices, case workers in the field can provide the latest status and information. Windows tablets, PCs, and mobile phones deliver rich communication tools like Lync and Instant Messenger.

    Speed investigations and case management

    Communications tools like Windows To Go speed the investigation process by providing personnel in the field with access to all their files and systems. Windows 8.1 Enterprise works with Windows To Go to help ensure strict security, rights restrictions, and data privacy.

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