Operational Communications & Collaboration for Public Safety & Justice

Get a dynamic common operating picture, collaborate in real time, and make informed decisions.

    San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

    Improve cross-agency collaboration

    Mobility, social computing, and the proliferation of personal devices are major trends. Public safety and justice leaders are looking for new ways to leverage these trends to help drive greater productivity and collaboration within their agencies and with citizens. Microsoft productivity and social solutions enable remote and online collaboration, and allow citizens greater access to services and interaction with officials.

    Enable anywhere productivity

    Microsoft unified communications solutions deliver video conferencing, IM, rich presence information, online portals, and social tools like Yammer so field personnel can remain connected to the people and information they need to stay productive and get the job done.

    Streamline case management and enable quick response

    Streamline case management by customizing and automating rules, event triggers and work flows based on entitlements and SLAs. By defining organization-wide KPIs, public safety and law enforcement organizations can enable quick response.

    Speed up access to information

    The Microsoft enterprise search platform speeds access to relevant information across systems, providing case workers the ability to manage vast amounts of data more efficiently. With an enterprise search solution, agencies gain the versatility, flexibility, and capability needed to better manage increasing amounts of data and data types. With contextual search, relevancy, and navigator features, users can quickly find the documents they need with a single search.



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