Cloud and Compliance

As electronic spreadsheets and text documents replace paper records, research-driven life sciences firms are turning to electronic content management (ECM) systems to control the flow of digital information. Many government regulatory organizations require that these systems maintain the digital equivalent of a paper chain, with strict criteria for electronic signatures and documents. Noncompliance means fines and delays.

Compliant collaboration

Your life sciences organization needs an ECM system that not only satisfies regulatory requirements, but improves your use of information and increases the efficiency of the research process. This system should provide audit trails, electronic signatures, strict access control, accurate copies, and proper storage of all document versions. It must be validated to produce reliable, accurate information. And the system must be intelligent and easy to use, so team members around the globe can upload, store, and search documents that preserve content and valuable associated metadata.

To meet these needs, Microsoft and our partners offer ECM solutions that are intuitive and integrate familiar Microsoft Office applications with line-of-business systems. We offer our customers the most comprehensive choices for deploying their ECM solutions, including public cloud and private cloud options.

Our compliant technologies extend from the intranet to the cloud, so remote users can collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world. Your research teams can easily access and store documents within the familiar Office business applications they rely on to create and modify content.

Even better, metadata is automatically captured, uploaded, and stored within a document itself and made available for searching within the ECM system. Further, this valuable information is always available—even when a document is checked out of the system. Because the metadata is complete, document searches are more productive.

Our ECM systems are delivered in environments that can be validated for regulatory authorities. And because they can be used via familiar Microsoft interfaces, user adoption goes up and total cost of ownership goes down.

Responsiveness and efficiencies that scale

In other words, ECM solutions based on the Microsoft platform enable collaboration among global teams in a highly secure, compliant environment. Whether you choose to deploy within your enterprise, or within the scalable Microsoft cloud, teams can easily create, store, and find relevant documents in a central repository that meets FDA regulations and security requirements. This can increase the efficiency of the research process and help your firm be more competitive and agile.

With an ECM solution from Microsoft and our partners, you can:

  • Satisfy requirements for audit trails, electronic signatures, restricted access, accurate copies of records, and proper storage.
  • Give remote workers intuitive access to compliant content management—straight from their desktop.
  • Facilitate collaboration and role-based productivity.
  • Create and store valuable metadata directly within a document—even when it's checked out of the ECM system.
  • Support workgroup collaboration, subscriptions, notifications, message boards, and other tools in a highly secure environment.
  • Control R&D costs and accelerate your return on investment.
  • Help speed drugs to market, improving company performance and public health.

Designed to work with the investments you have now and may have in the future, ECM solutions based on flexible Microsoft technologies can be quickly and easily implemented in a private cloud, public cloud, or a combination of both—and can be used on just about any device. They’re available through our global network of Microsoft partners. In the weeks to come, we will share examples of these solutions and how our customers are using them to increase research productivity and collaboration, while meeting regulatory compliance requirements, so keep checking back.

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Gabor Fari
Director of Business Development & Strategy, Health and Life Sciences

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