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The Microsoft in Health blog provides global insight into the latest in healthcare technology. Find out how health and healthcare professionals are improving collaboration, speeding up access to information, and getting inspired by technological insights.

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  • Tapping into the cloud for healthcare storage

    Healthcare providers can save 40 percent to 60 percent in storage costs by archiving medical images in the cloud.
  • Live healthier and be more productive

    Helping the consumer health world feel a little more open, meaningful and transformational.
  • Health Apps for SharePoint, Part 3: If your health records are now electronic why aren’t your checklists and forms?

    A tool for non-geeks to move checklists, surveys, and forms online
  • Using healthcare analytics to drive revenue and stay competitive

    Learn how just in time analytics solutions play an integral role in healthcare organizations to manage revenue and performance.
  • "Kinecting” to telemedicine

    A solution from the video-game world that could become a revolutionary new way for patients with Parkinson's disease to do rehab and exercises at home, and for physicians to remotely monitor how the medication works.
  • Microsoft, TracFone, Health Choice Network unveil new Mobile Health Management Approach

    First look into HCN’s upcoming pilot project involving Microsoft and TracFone’s smartphone-enabled solution
  • Preventing readmissions through virtual care

    Empower patients to manage their care to reduce readmissions and unnecessary ER visits.
  • Ten reasons health organizations need a strategy for the Internet of Things now

    The Internet of Things is a game-changer for healthcare IT. Here are ten reasons health organizations need to create a strategy now.

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