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Nurse involvement in technology decision making is vital to healthcare quality and efficiency. Microsoft in Health provides insight for nurses on healthcare devices, services, technologies and experiences.


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Welfare Denmark

Municipalities Adopt Home Health Care Solution, Reduce Rehab...

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Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

Health Trust Unifies Communications, Speeds Up Clinical Deci...

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Health Apps

Center for Disease Control

Puts health updates and timely updates at your fingertips.

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Find clinical answers at the point of care or anywhere you n...

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MicroMedex Drug Information

Access to comprehensive drug information on your Windows 8 d...

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Getting Involved - Be a Nurses Blog Contributor

Microsoft in Health is always looking for new and unique perspectives on IT in health. Nurses are encouraged to share their experiences with technology, including personal stories, valuable apps and other helpful IT solutions impacting nursing in your region.
Improving Efficiency in Health

See how healthcare providers are realizing efficiency gains through technology that liberates data, improves collaboration, and provides a connected approach to patient care.
Enhancing Care Team Collaboration

Discover how mobility can improve care collaboration and performance in health.
Embracing Cloud Computing in Health

Find examples of how cloud computing has been used and adopted in health across Europe and the United States.