Connected Health Platform Solution Accelerators

Find solution accelerators to help facilitate and expediate your deployment.

Clinical Documentation

The Clinical Documentation Solution Accelerator for Microsoft Office is a Connected Health Platform resource that enables you or your customer to define and create clinically encoded documents.

Collaboration Fundamentals

This solution accelerator provides on-demand collaborative workspaces, discussion forums and a people directory. Users can discover communities, create their own groups, and find people to collaborate with. This includes guidance on how to customize.

Common User Interface

Microsoft has released an updated version of the Microsoft Health Common User Interface which helps improve patient safety by providing user interface designers, developers, and patient safety experts with guidelines, controls and showcase demonstrators.

Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing XDS.b

XDS.b facilitates the registration, distribution, and access of electronic health records and provides a standards-based interoperable approach for sharing documents at any size healthcare enterprise.

Electronic Forms

The Resource Kit assists healthcare organizations by providing a User Information Web Service and a set of template parts, sample forms, and supporting tools to enable healthcare staff to create electronic forms.

Health Connection Engine

The Health Connection Engine facilitates the interoperability between multiple systems by abstracting the interfaces used to connect them and by providing a rich and extensible adapter framework.

Identity and Access Management

This series combines processes, technologies, and policies to manage digital identities and specify how they are used to access resources.

IT Compliance

This solution accelerator helps bridge the gap for IT pros by translating auditor expectations and IT GRC authority document requirements into real IT tasks through the use of control activities that are specific to a particular technology or platform.

Managing Meetings

This healthcare solution accelerator provides a workspace where meeting attendees or committee members can share agendas, papers, presentations and actions. It includes an example meeting workspace and online guidance on how to customize for your needs.

Managing Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures Solution Accelerator for healthcare has been created to assist healthcare organizations who find it difficult to create, maintain, publish and easily access policy and guideline information.


This solution accelerator for healthcare acts as a template for configuring a management dashboard to track organizational metrics with four example dashboards ranging from a primary care practice to a healthcare organization's CEO dashboard.

TechNet Solution Accelerators

This is the technical library for Solution Accelerators where you will find a complete alphabetical listing of all Solution Accelerators.

Template Gallery

This guidance assists healthcare organizations in creating a Template Gallery as part of an Intranet portal or a website. You can centrally publish, discover, rate, and request electronic assets such as templates, forms, and spreadsheets.