Build something amazing

If you’re already familiar with Kinect for Windows development, learn more about using the SDK and integrated tools to create innovative, interactive applications that recognize gestures and voice.

The right tools for the job

Make sure that you have the latest downloads and developer documentation to help streamline your development process and equip you with the right tools to create groundbreaking natural computing experiences that delight and engage your customers.

With the v2 sensor and SDK 2.0, you can create Kinect for Windows v2 applications for commercial distribution through the Windows Store, allowing you to reach more potential customers, from businesses to consumers to other developers.

Learn about building Kinect-enabled Windows Store applications

With the latest sensor and SDK, developers can reach more users with a single, unified platform, and develop innovative computing experiences.

Source code samples

When you download and install the SDK, be sure to run the SDK browser, which helps you find a variety of source code samples so that you can see how Kinect works and get started building your own apps.

Download the SDK

The latest SDK delivers key features and enhancements that focus on better understanding humans, objects, and their environments.

Get the hardware

With the latest sensor and SDK, you can develop state-of-the-art applications for distribution via the Windows Store.

Visit community forums

Get help, share advice, and provide feedback about Kinect for Windows application development.