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What's new?

With the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and SDK 2.0 public preview, you get more of the precision, responsiveness, and intuitive capabilities you need to develop interactive applications that respond to movements, gestures, and voice commands.

Now with the ability to track as many as six people and 25 skeletal joints per person—including new joints for hand tips, thumbs, and shoulder center.

The v2 sensor and SDK deliver key features and enhancements that enable you to build applications that understand humans, objects, and their environments better, including:

  • Improved skeletal hand and joint orientation

  • Higher depth fidelity

  • 1080p HD video

  • Support for new development environments

  • New active infrared capabilities

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Now, with the SDK 2.0 public preview, you can start creating Kinect for Windows v2 applications for commercial availability in the Windows Store later this year, giving you the opportunity to offer your solutions to a broader range of customers.

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