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Kinect for Windows brings your apps to life through natural human computing. Find videos, downloads, and docs to help you start developing solutions that respond to a user's voice and gestures.

Getting started with Kinect for Windows v2

With the Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK) 2.0 public preview, developers can start building applications for distribution through the Windows Store later this year. With SDK 2.0 you can create revolutionary computing experiences that use the improved precision, responsiveness, and intuitive capabilities of the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor.

You can program with C++, C#, or Visual Basic to create solutions that support gesture and voice recognition by using the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and a computer or embedded device. The integrated developer toolkit includes the Human Interface Guidelines, sample applications with full source code, Kinect Studio, and other resources to simplify and speed up application development.

Developer using Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 public preview

Software development kit (SDK)

Each download includes APIs and device interfaces.

The SDK 2.0 public preview includes drivers for using the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor on a computer running Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Embedded Standard 8, or Windows Embedded Standard 8.1.

Note: Kinect for Windows v2 sensor required

Key documents

For more information, including best practices and how-to documentation, see the following resources:

Introductory videos

New to Kinect for Windows v2 application development? These videos will introduce you to the basics.

Programming Kinect for Windows v2: (01)
Introducing Kinect Development

Programming Kinect for Windows v2: (02)
Kinect Data Sources and Programming Model

Programming Kinect for Windows v2: (06)
Recording, Playback, and Gesture Recognition

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Download the SDK

The SDK 2.0 public preview delivers key features and enhancements that focus on better understanding humans, objects, and their environments.

Get the sensor

With the v2 sensor and SDK 2.0 public preview you can start developing applications for the Windows Store.

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Get help, share advice, and provide feedback about Kinect for Windows application development.

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Find basic overview samples to more robust code that can be used as a template.

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Dive deeper into developing innovative Kinect-enabled applications.

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