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  • Freak'n Genius’ innovative application uses Kinect for Windows and skeletal tracking for fun animation
  • Reflexion Health uses Kinect for Windows to make physical therapy more engaging, efficient, and successful.
  • See how new features of Kinect for Windows v2 are revolutionizing computing experiences.
What's new with Kinect for Windows
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Develop Windows Store apps

Develop Windows Store apps

With the release of the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and SDK in summer (northern hemisphere) 2014, Kinect for Windows developers will be able to create Windows Store applications for the first time.

Learn about Kinect for Windows v2
Purchase the original sensor

Purchase the original sensor

The original Kinect for Windows sensor provides companies and developers with the foundation they need to create interactive applications that recognize peoples’ natural movements, gestures, and voice commands.

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Develop speech, movement, and gesture recognition applications

Download SDK 1.8 for original sensor

Develop innovative applications with the current Kinect for Windows SDK: create green screen effects with the Background Removal API, program in HTML5, capture 3D models in color with Kinect Fusion, and more.

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