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Use Xbox One Kinect with Windows through Microsoft’s $50 adapter

“If you have a Kinect sensor lying around, whether you got it with your Xbox One or purchased it for the console later, you can hook it up to a Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 PC or tablet through a USB 3.0 port using the new adapter kit from Microsoft.”

Adnan Farooqui, Ubergizmo

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Microsoft releases Kinect v2 SDK 2.0, allows devs to publish apps in the Windows Store

“But the real news today concerns the Windows Store. Now, anyone can commercially deploy Kinect apps and sell them to Microsoft’s community of Windows users. It should result in more apps, wider availability and revenue for developers – which could, in turn, drive renewed interest in Kinect.”

Nick Summers, The Next Web

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Microsoft begins Kinect for Windows v2 shipments, SDK preview released

"As promised, Microsoft has started shipments of the Kinect for Windows v2 hardware and it also released a public preview of its SDK so developers can get to work making applications for the motion gesture and voice capture-based device."

John Callaham, WP Central

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The Future of Kinect

"NUI breaks down the barriers between human and machine, so that interacting is as natural as talking to another person or conveying intention through non-verbal nuances. Kinect has to work for everybody, in their natural environment. Luckily, the device is a quick study, thanks to people working every day to make it better."

Athima Chansanchai, Microsoft

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New Kinect for Windows is now available for pre-order, costs $199

"The idea behind the early release is to give developers a head start on building applications for the latest v2 technology, though there's nothing stopping regular consumers from getting in on the action as well. As a reminder, the new Kinect for Windows promises improved depth sensing, a wider field of view, 1080p resolution and more."

Nicole Lee, Engadget

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New Kinect for Windows arrives this summer

"The desktop version of Microsoft's do-all sensor will be available to the public this summer, as will its development framework. Perhaps more importantly, once they're done, developers can publish their creations to the Windows Store; meaning, there'll probably be more Kinect applications for Windows in one place than ever before."

Timothy J. Seppala, Engadget

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Microsoft to debut new Kinect for Windows this summer

"…the device features a number of upgrades from its predecessor, including 1080p HD video, improved skeletal tracking, a wider field of view and active infrared detection. Microsoft also noted that support for Unity is coming next summer."

Taylor Soper, GeekWire

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Microsoft updates Kinect for Windows SDK for better 3D scanning, green screen

"From augmented reality to facial recognition, programmers have tapped into Microsoft’s free SDK to explore technologies often only relegated to those with access to expensive equipment…The Kinect has been a boon for developers, so it’s nice to see that Microsoft is continually updating the system for further development."

Lauren Hockenson, Gigaom

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Next-gen Kinect coming to Windows in 2014

"Microsoft sees embedded sensors becoming a common part of displays and PCs, giving people new ways of interacting with their computers, using gestures and voice commands as they can today with the standalone Kinect devices for Xbox and Windows."

Taylor Soper, GeekWire

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Microsoft Kinect for Windows

"With a modified sensor aimed at developers, the goal is to take Kinect out of the living room and into shops, workshops, offices and just about anywhere else. In Microsoft’s vision, Kinect is one of several key technologies that can transform how we use the PC, both with Windows 8 and whatever follows."

Stuart Andrews in PC Pro Magazine

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Microsoft's Plan to Bring About the Era of Gesture Control

"While most of the headlines about Microsoft this fall will concern its new operating system, Windows 8, and its new Surface tablet, the company is also working hard on a long-term effort to reinvent the way we interact with existing computers."

Tom Simonite in Technology Review

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