Certification Retirement Information

In order to keep the Microsoft Certified Professional program current, Microsoft Learning continually reviews our current and planned certifications to ensure that our certifications reflect the latest Microsoft technologies as well as those technologies that Microsoft Certified Professionals use every day.

Certifications scheduled to retire

Find certifications scheduled to be retired in the next 12 months. (The information that follows is subject to change.).

[No certifications are scheduled to retire at this time]

Retired certifications

Find certifications that have been retired within the last year. When a certification has been retired for more than one year, it will be removed from this page. Once a certification has been retired, it will no longer be able to be attained, but, if it has already earned, it will remain on transcripts in the Active section.

NOTE: After a certification retires, Microsoft continues to review the corresponding technologies to determine whether they are still relevant. If the corresponding technology is determined to no longer be relevant, the associated certifications are moved to the Certification History section of the transcript.

Expand the sections below to view the list of retired certifications by type along with the associated retirement date.