Microsoft & Novell Interoperability Collaboration

Published: November 02, 2006 | Updated: November 10, 2008

Novell and Microsoft have announced an historic bridging of the divide between open source and proprietary software. They have signed three related agreements which, taken together, will greatly enhance interoperability between Linux and Windows and give customers greater flexibility in their IT environments.

Components of the Collaboration

  • A Technical Cooperation Agreement where Novell and Microsoft will work together in three primary areas to deliver new solutions to customers: virtualization, web services management and document format compatibility.

  • A Patent Cooperation Agreement where Microsoft and Novell provide patent coverage for their respective customers, giving customers peace of mind regarding intellectual property issues.

  • A Covenant to Expanded SLES Subscription Customers where Microsoft provides patent coverage to Novell customers who purchase a Certificate from Microsoft for expanded support services from Novell.

  • A Covenant to Downstream Recipients of Moonlight where Microsoft and Novell provide coverage for their respective customers who receive distributions of the Moonlight plug in.

  • Through a business cooperation agreement, Novell and Microsoft are committing to dedicate marketing and sales resources to promote joint solutions

  • Commitments to the non-commercial OSS community