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Technology Licensing Programs

The list shown here includes the most popular Microsoft technology licensing programs. If what you are interested in licensing is not on this list, please contact Microsoft IP Licensing directly and please include the name of the specific technology you are interested in licensing.


Several devices, from portable computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs) to mobile phones and video cameras, use liquid crystal display (LCD) technology to render images on a screen. Before these innovations existed, the smallest level of detail that a computer could use was a single pixel. With ClearType font technology, LCD monitors now can display features of text as small as a fraction of a pixel in width. The result is that the words on a computer screen now look almost as sharp and clear as those printed on a piece of paper.

Exchange ActiveSync Protocols

Exchange ActiveSync is a communication protocol that enables mobile, over-the-air access to e-mail messages, schedules, contacts, task lists, and other Exchange Server mailbox data. Exchange ActiveSync is available on both Windows Mobile-based devices and Exchange ActiveSync-enabled devices offered through Microsoft partners. By taking advantage of Exchange ActiveSync through compatible devices and software, users can avoid added costs of middleware or service fees.

exFAT File System

The Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) is the latest file system for personal storage devices. The exFAT file system is suitable for very large storage devices and very large files. Windows Vista SP1 and later desktop operating systems include the exFAT file system and a redistributable package will be available for Windows XP, enabling seamless file exchange between desktop PCs and personal devices, such as digital cameras and mobile phones. Additionally, exFAT is relatively simple and easy to implement.

Hardware Licensing

Microsoft offers a flexible Intellectual Property (IP) licensing program in response to an increase in the industry's interest in licensing our growing hardware technology portfolio.

RT Audio/RT Video Codec Porting Kits

RTVideo and RTAudio codecs are real-time Microsoft video and audio codecs developed for the Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 and Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 platforms. The RTAudio codec is designed for both high quality wideband and narrowband voice over IP (VoIP) applications, including applications such as, games, audio conferencing, and wireless applications over IP. The RTVideo codec provides high quality, efficient, robust real-time video communication over IP networks.

Windows Media

Device manufacturers and software developers can use the Windows Media Licensing Program to build high-quality digital media capabilities into a broad range of products and platforms.

Technology Licensing Programs

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