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Microsoft offers a flexible Intellectual Property (IP) licensing program in response to an increase in the industry's interest in licensing our exFAT file system. Use of media across different products is increasing the need for a common file system for data sharing across multiple platforms and products. exFAT facilitates this interchange as it is capable of handling large file sizes and can be implemented on any platform. Windows Vista SP1 and later desktop operating systems include the exFAT file system and a redistributable package will be available for Windows XP, enabling seamless file exchange between desktop computers and personal devices, such as digital cameras and mobile phones. Additionally, exFAT is relatively simple and easy to implement. The exFAT system offers the following advantages:

  •  Enables  future growth in media capacities, increasing support from 32GB up to 256TB 

  •  Handles  more than 4000 RAW images, 100 HD movies, or 60 hours of HD recording in a single directory 

  •  Speeds  up file saves of SDXC cards to achieve their full 300MBps speed using modern storage allocation techniques 

  •  Supports  interoperability with future desktop OSs 

  •  Provides  an extensible format, including OEM-definable parameters to customize the file system for specific device characteristics 

Extended file allocation table (exFAT) is a new file system that is better adapted to the growing needs of mobile personal storage. The exFAT file system not only handles large files, such as those used for audio/video media; it enables seamless data portability between desktop PCs and consumer electronic devices allowing easy interchange between the two. Inheriting its base from FAT, exFAT can be implemented with minimal effort.  In addition, you can choose to add transaction support to your exFAT implementation (TexFAT) to ensure transaction-safe operations.   SD Card Association adopted exFATfile system for its latest high capacity high speed SDXC card. Memory Stick XC™ Series adopted exFATfile system for its new memory stick cards enabling high speed data storage.    

Please note that open source or other publicly available implementations of exFAT do not include an IP license from Microsoft. For licensing information, please contact

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