Microsoft .NET Guidelines

These guidelines provide details about referring to the Microsoft .NET brand.

Microsoft .NET is a brand associated with Microsoft technology. It is not a platform, an application, or a service. Rather, .NET is a set of capabilities in products that enables people, information, systems, and devices to connect and exchange information seamlessly through the use of Web services.

The Microsoft .NET Connected logo program was developed to highlight specific products that exhibit Web service connectivity through the use of the .NET Framework, an integral component of the Windows operating system. Products or services that meet the criteria to use the logo but have chosen not to license the logo should use the phrase "Microsoft .NET-connected" (but not the Microsoft .NET or Microsoft .NET Connected logos) according to the guidelines on this Web page.

Referring to Microsoft .NET

Use either the short descriptor or single-sentence descriptor set forth here when Microsoft .NET is first introduced in a piece-such as in a headline or the first mention in body text.

Short descriptor:

  • Microsoft .NET connection software

Single-sentence descriptor:

  • Microsoft .NET is software for connecting people, information, systems, and devices.

Introduce the technology by using this descriptor. You do not have to join Microsoft with .NET at every mention thereafter; however, you should intermittently use the official name Microsoft .NET in your materials.

Place a registered trademark symbol (®) after the name Microsoft upon first mention of the name Microsoft® .NET in text.

Referring to Microsoft .NET in Relation to Products and Services

The .NET Framework provides the basis for Web service-based connectivity for Microsoft Windows-based applications. Use the phrase "Microsoft .NET-connected" for applications or services that are based on the .NET Framework and use Web services to connect to other applications or services.

Do not use the phrase "Microsoft .NET-connected" for applications or services that are not based on the .NET Framework. Instead, use the phrase "Web service-based" solutions for applications and services that connect through Web services but do not take advantage of the .NET Framework.

Do not use the phrase ".NET application/service" for applications that utilize the .NET Framework but do not connect through Web services.

Developers of applications, services, or devices that meet the criteria set forth in the technical specification of the Microsoft .NET Connected logo program are encouraged to sign up to use the Microsoft .NET Connected logo. Developers of applications, services, or devices that do not meet the criteria for licensing the Microsoft .NET Connected Logo should not use any of the previous phrases because their product or service will not interoperate with those that do.

  1. Distinguish product names from the Microsoft .NET brand.

    Do not use "Microsoft .NET" or ".NET" in the name of your products, services, or devices.


    • Proseware .NET Spreadsheet

    • Proseware .NET Firewall Server

    • Proseware .NET

    • Contoso .NET

  2. Make sure you communicate "interoperability" correctly.


    • Proseware, Inc.'s Stock Quote is a Microsoft .NET-connected application.

    • Contoso is a Microsoft .NET-connected application.

    • Proseware, Inc.'s Stock Quote Service is a Microsoft .NET-connected Web service.

    • Contoso is a Microsoft .NET-connected Web service.

    • Proseware, Inc.'s Stock Quote Service qualified for the Microsoft .NET Connected logo.


    • This Web site delivers .NET technology.

    • We've created a .NET product.

    • Proseware, Inc.'s spreadsheet program is a .NET application.

    • Contoso is a .NET application.

    • Proseware, Inc.'s Stock Quote Service offers .NET XML Web services.

    • Contoso is a .NET Web service.

  3. Third parties may not imply any sponsorship or endorsement by Microsoft.

    • Do not use any language that implies that Microsoft or any of its products or services certifies or verifies your company, product, or service, or the way in which your product or service is distributed.

    • Do not use the Microsoft trademark in a manner that suggests that Microsoft has tested or certified your product or service.

Referring to Applications Built Using the Microsoft .NET Framework

The Microsoft .NET Framework is an integral component of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Use the following phrases to refer to applications built on the .NET Framework:

  • Proseware is a Windows-based application

  • Proseware for Windows

When it is important to specify that an application was developed by using the Microsoft .NET Framework, use wording such as:

  • Proseware built on the Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Proseware is a Microsoft .NET Framework-based application

After first mention, you may shorten this to:

  • Proseware is a .NET Framework-based application

Referring to Tools That Use the Microsoft .NET Framework

If your product is a software development tool designed for building applications on the Microsoft .NET Framework, you can convey on the packaging or marketing materials that the tool works with the Microsoft .NET Framework. You should use the phrase in small lettering that is subordinate in size and placement to the product name:

  • Contoso for the Microsoft .NET Framework

Third-Party Use of Microsoft .NET Logos

Third parties may not include the Microsoft .NET logo on their product packaging, Web sites, or any other marketing material. The .NET logo is reserved for Microsoft products and services only. The Microsoft .NET Connected logo can be used to identify applications, XML Web services, and hardware devices that meet a set of technical specifications as defined by the logo program criteria and that are licensed pursuant to a valid Microsoft .NET Connected logo license agreement with Microsoft.