Microsoft Office System Trademark Guidelines

Microsoft requires that its trademarks be used properly and under license, in appropriate circumstances. However, no license is required to use Microsoft names and trademarks to accurately refer to Microsoft software and services.

This page provides guidelines for making proper referential use of the Microsoft Office system trademarks.

Names and Trademarks in the Microsoft Office System

The Microsoft Office system includes the following trademarks and names:

  • Access

  • Accounting

  • Communications Server

  • Communicator

  • Excel

  • Forms Server

  • FrontPage

  • Groove

  • Groove Server

  • InfoPath

  • Live Communications Server

  • Live Meeting

  • Office

  • OneNote

  • Outlook

  • PerformancePoint Server

  • PowerPoint

  • Project

  • Project Portfolio Server

  • Project Server

  • Publisher

  • SharePoint Designer

  • SharePoint Portal Server

  • SharePoint Server

  • Visio

  • Word

Referring to the Trademark or Name in Text

Use Appropriate Descriptors When Referring to Microsoft Trademarks

Microsoft names and trademarks should never be abbreviated or used as nouns or verbs.


  • Organize your data by using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software

  • FrontPage-based Web site

  • Presentation in PowerPoint format

  • Created with Microsoft Visio drawing and diagramming software


  • Upload this to a sharepoint.

  • Send me your powerpoints.

  • Please Visio this for me.

Do Not Use the Trademark or Name in the Possessive or Plural Form

Names and trademarks should not be used as nouns or in the possessive or plural form. Instead, they should always be used as an adjective—that is, as a term that modifies a noun.


  • The Microsoft Office FrontPage page tabs allow you to flip between multiple pages without cluttering the desktop.

  • The Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation software allows you to create slide shows.

  • Microsoft Office Access allows you to create complex databases.


  • FrontPage's features are easy to use.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint's slides can be set to display automatically.

  • Visios are a great way to diagram.

Do Not Use Microsoft Names or Trademarks as Part of Your Name

Microsoft names and trademarks may not be used as part of the name of another company or its products or services or as part of its domain name, even if your company creates add-ons or solutions for Microsoft software. This could create confusion about whether your company, products, or services are affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Microsoft. Also, do not create and use variations of any Microsoft name or trademark; this could cause confusion and diminish the ability of Microsoft names and trademarks to identify and distinguish Microsoft software and services.

Using Microsoft Names and Trademarks to Indicate Compatibility

To indicate that your software or services are designed to be used with Microsoft software, use phrases such as "for," "created with," or "works with" before the Microsoft name, or use "based" after the name (for example "Outlook-based"). Your company or product name must be larger and more prominent than the Microsoft name or trademark, and the Microsoft name or trademark should be visually distinguished from your name (for example, in a different font or font style). This is important to avoid any implication that your products or services are produced, endorsed, or supported by Microsoft.


  • Widget Software hosting Webs created with Microsoft Office FrontPage

  • Company XYZ CRM Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook

  • Company XYZ Backgrounds created for the Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation software program

  • Widget Clipart for use with Microsoft Publisher software

  • Company XYZ templates created for Microsoft Visio diagramming software


  • Wally Webster's FrontPage Web services

  • ExcelQuick tutorial for Microsoft Excel

  • Pete's PowerPoint Templates

  • Acme ISP Outlook e-mail

  • Visio Templates from Widget Web Services

Logos and Graphical Representations

Do not create any graphic or design out of any Microsoft name or trademark, and do not include Microsoft names or trademarks in any logos created by you or your company.

Web Identities

Do not include any Microsoft names or trademarks in a domain name or use them to brand your Web site.