Microsoft Office PowerPoint Trademark Guidelines

All companies benefit from proper use of trademarks. Trademarks help consumers identify the source of products and services and provide information about the quality consumers can expect from those products and services. When trademarks are not used properly, their ability to indicate the source and quality of products and services gradually decreases. Therefore, Microsoft requires that its trademarks be used properly and under license, in appropriate circumstances. No license is required, however, to use Microsoft trademarks to accurately refer to Microsoft products and services.

Using the PowerPoint Trademark in Text

PowerPoint is presentation software from Microsoft. These guidelines cover the proper use of the Microsoft Office PowerPoint trademark to refer to Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation software.

Use Acceptable Descriptors

PowerPoint is a trademark that identifies a brand of presentation software from Microsoft. The name PowerPoint must be followed by the appropriate product descriptor. The trademark PowerPoint must never be used as a noun or verb. It should never be abbreviated.


  • Created with PowerPoint presentation software.

  • Presentation in PowerPoint format.

  • Send me your PowerPoint slides.


  • Send me your powerpoints.

    Instead say, "Send me your PowerPoint slides" or "Send me your PowerPoint deck."

  • Are you a PowerPoint presenter?

    Instead say, "Are you using PowerPoint for your presentation?" or "Is your presentation in PowerPoint form?"

  • Do you have PPT?

    Instead say, "Do you have PowerPoint software?"

  • Please powerpoint this for me.

    Instead say, "Please put this in PowerPoint format for me."

Do Not Use the PowerPoint Trademark in the Possessive or Plural Form

Because trademarks should not be used as nouns, PowerPoint should never be used in the possessive or plural form. Instead, PowerPoint should always be used as an adjective—that is, as a term that modifies a noun.

Correct: The Microsoft Office PowerPoint slide show allows you to change slides at set intervals.

Incorrect: Microsoft Office PowerPoint's slide show allows you to change slides at set intervals.

Do Not Use Microsoft Trademarks as Part of Your Product Name

Microsoft trademarks may not be incorporated as part of the name of another company's product or service. You may not include "PowerPoint" or any potentially confusing variation in the name of your product or service. This rule also applies to other Microsoft trademarks, such as Microsoft, which should never be included in your product name or company name.

Additional Guidelines for the Use of the PowerPoint Trademark

These guidelines cover some other scenarios for the use of the PowerPoint trademark.

Compatibility or Interoperability

Use phrases such as "PowerPoint-based," "for PowerPoint," "created with PowerPoint," or "works with PowerPoint" to indicate that your product or service was designed to be used with PowerPoint brand software. Your product or service name and company name must appear more prominently than the PowerPoint trademark, and the PowerPoint name should be visually distinguished from your product or service name. The PowerPoint name should be substantially smaller and less conspicuous than your product or service name. This is important to avoid any implication that your product or service is produced, endorsed, or supported by Microsoft.


  • Company XYZ Backgrounds for PowerPoint presentation software

  • Widget Clipart for use with PowerPoint presentation software


  • Widget Software's PowerPoint Backgrounds

  • PowerPoint Templates from Widget Web Services

  • Powerpoints from Widget Software

Logos and Graphical Representations

Do not create any graphic or design out of the PowerPoint trademark, and do not include this trademark or name in any logos created by you or your company.

Web Identities

Do not include the name PowerPoint in a domain name or use it to brand your Web site.