Windows Live Trademark Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to help ensure that you refer to Windows Live correctly in all print and online communications.

Trademark Usage

Windows Live is a trademark. The official product name includes the trademark symbol (TM) as shown here:

Windows LiveTM

Note Do not include a registered trademark symbol (®) after Windows when it is part of the Windows Live name.

Using the Product Name

  • The first time that Windows Live is mentioned in body copy, include a reference to the product as "online services" and the appropriate trademark symbol (TM). For example, "Consumers love the new Windows LiveTM online services."

  • Always use the full Windows Live name in body copy.

  • Never refer to the product just as Live. Always include Windows in the product name.

  • Never abbreviate Windows Live as inWin, WinL, or WL.

  • When Windows Live is mentioned in printed marketing materials, include the following attribution of Microsoft ownership of the Windows Live trademark:

    Windows Live is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

  • Always use Windows Live as an adjective modifying the generic noun—for example, "Windows LiveTM online services." Do not use the mark as a noun or verb.

  • Never use Windows Live in the possessive, as in "Windows Live's security features are impressive." Instead, write "The security features of the Windows Live operating system are impressive."

  • Do not use the general term live to refer to the product, as in "Did you sign up for live?"

Special Considerations for Third Parties

  • Always maintain a visual distinction between the third-party company and product name and the Windows Live trademark. Windows Live should be less prominent.

  • Do not use Windows Live in your product or service name or in your company name.

  • Do not use product, service, or company names that could be confused with the Windows Live trademark.

  • Do not mimic or copy Windows Live advertising or trade dress.

  • Do not create or use any logos that include the Windows Live trademark unless pursuant to a license from Microsoft.

  • Do not use any Windows Live brand elements, including logos, color blends, and screenshots, in third-party materials unless pursuant to a license from Microsoft.