Microsoft Implementation of European Commission Decision

Published: January 12, 2005

FAQ: Microsoft’s Implementation of the European Commission’s Media Player Remedy

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides information about Microsoft’s implementation of the European Commission Decision relation to Windows Media Player.
  • In compliance with the European Commission Decision, Microsoft produces for distribution in Europe a version of Microsoft Windows called Windows “N.”  This version will not include Windows Media Player.  Consistent with our agreement with the Commission, Windows N is made available to computer manufacturers with whom Microsoft has direct relationships, system builders (small computer manufacturers, and volume licensing customers such as corporations).  Note that computer manufacturers may pre-install third party media players on computers running Windows N. European consumers may also separately install media players, either from Microsoft or a third party. The regular versions of Windows will continue to include Windows Media Player and remain available to European consumers.
  • Windows N is available through our standard distribution channels, including computer manufacturers.
  • Windows N is priced the same as Windows. This is consistent with the Commission Decision, as confirmed by the European Commission's statements.

Microsoft's implementation of this remedy is subject to review by the European Commission. To the extent that there are any changes, Microsoft will provide additional information when it becomes available.