Consumer Class Action Settlement Information

Updated: May 05, 2007

Microsoft and class counsel have reached proposed settlements of lawsuits pending in a number of states (listed below) in which plaintiffs have alleged that Microsoft unlawfully used anticompetitive means to maintain a monopoly in markets for certain software, and that as a result, it overcharged consumers who, during specific time periods, licensed in the United States for use in the specific states below Microsoft's operating system software and/or certain of Microsoft's applications software. Microsoft denies these allegations and maintains that it developed and sold high-quality and innovative software products at fair and reasonable prices. Courts have preliminarily approved the proposed settlements in the states listed here, but the proposed settlements will become fully and finally effective only upon final judicial approval. The settlements in Montana, West Virginia, Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, the District of Columbia, Tennessee, Minnesota, California, Massachusetts, Arizona, New Mexico, Vermont, New York, and Arkansas have been given final approval. 

Pursuant to court directive in connection with the preliminary approval of the proposed settlements listed below, the parties to the proposed settlements listed below are to provide further information ("notice") about the proposed settlements in certain newspapers and on a Web site and must also provide notice to certain class members via first class mail and e-mail. The notice will explain who is covered by the proposed settlements, their rights and obligations under the terms of the proposed settlements, and where additional information about the proposed settlements can be obtained. Microsoft employees are not permitted to discuss the proposed settlements with class members.