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Microsoft RTVideo and Microsoft RTAudio Codec Porting Kits

RTVideo and RTAudio codecs are real-time Microsoft video and audio codecs developed for the Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, and Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 platforms. The RTAudio codec is designed for both high-quality wideband and narrowband voice over IP (VoIP) applications, including applications such as games, audio conferencing, and wireless applications. The RTVideo codec provides high-quality, efficient, and robust real-time video communication over IP networks. The RTVideo codec is based on the SMPTE VC-1 codec and includes system-level enhancements for recovery of packet loss on IP networks.

RTVideo and RTAudio codecs allow third-party implementation of the codecs to expand on interoperability with Microsoft Real-Time Communication platforms. The RTAudio encoder is capable of encoding single-channel (mono), 16-bit per sample audio signals. It can be configured to operate in narrowband (8-kilohertz [kHz] sampling rate) or wideband modes (16-kHz sampling rate). It also has a built-in adaptive jitter control and advanced packet loss concealment modules. High-quality video and audio can be delivered between the Microsoft Real-Time Communication platform and other standards-based video conferencing solutions.

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