Patents We hope that providing expanded access to Microsoft’s Technical Publications will facilitate higher quality examinations of patents in the software arts

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office and other patent offices around the world are committed to improving patent quality, and Microsoft is contributing to these efforts by providing expanded access to our own technical publications that previously were only available in off-line formats largely unavailable to patent examiners. Together, these steps will help avoid overbroad patents and clarify the metes and bounds of patents being granted by offices worldwide.

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Not all documents have an exact day on which it was published. Many documents were published as part of a subscription on a physical media such as a CD-ROM and the physical media bears a date reflecting the month and year it was shipped to customers. Other types of documents may have different publish dates; therefore, the most granular date data should be used as the earliest publish date. For example, a document with a publish date with only a year such as 1994 will have an earliest publish date of
December 31, 1994, and a document with a publish date such as July 1994 will have an earliest publish date of July 31, 1994. Microsoft has made every effort to verify the publish date of every document, but there may be instances where publish date information is incorrect.