Microsoft OpenType Trademark Guidelines

All companies benefit from the proper use of trademarks. Microsoft strives to develop quality products and invests significant time, money, and resources in the products and technology that Microsoft trademarks represent. Microsoft trademarks represent the equity built up in our products and technology, and consumers appreciate and demand that quality from Microsoft products.

Referring to the OpenType Trademark in Text

These guidelines cover the proper use of the OpenType trademark in text.

What Is OpenType?

OpenType is a font technology. Companies that create products such as fonts, tools, applications, and enabling technology may use the OpenType word mark to indicate that their products are based on, or enable use of, OpenType technology provided that they follow the guidelines outlined on this page.

Use the OpenType Trademark in a Proper Referential Manner

Your product name and company name must appear more prominently than the OpenType name. The OpenType name should be visually distinguished from your product name and should be substantially smaller and less conspicuous than your product name. This is important to avoid any implication that your product is produced, endorsed, or supported by Microsoft.

Correct and Incorrect Uses of the OpenType Trademark

OpenType is a trademark that identifies Microsoft technology. Products that are created by using OpenType technology should not be identified as "OpenType fonts" or "OpenType products" but should instead be referred to as "OpenType-based fonts," "OpenType-formatted fonts," or "products based on OpenType font technology."


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Use an Appropriate Descriptor on First Mention When Referring to OpenType

Appropriate descriptors include:

  • OpenType font technology

  • OpenType format

Use Proper Trademark Symbols and Notices

When you refer to the OpenType name, be sure to include:

  • The registered trademark symbol ® with the OpenType® name.

    Note In printed material, the first mention should include the properly placed registered trademark (®) symbol. Online, the first mention can include the trademark symbol, but it is not required.

  • The following notice: "OpenType is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries."

Do Not Abbreviate OpenType

Do not use OT to represent the OpenType name. For example, do not say "Bembo OT" or "the OT font pack."

Do Not Use the OpenType Trademark as Part of Your Product Name

Microsoft trademarks may not be incorporated as part of the name of another company's product or service. You may not include the word OpenType or any potentially confusing variation in the name of your product or service.

Do Not Imply Any Sponsorship or Endorsement by Microsoft

Do not use any language that implies that Microsoft or OpenType technologies certify or verify your company, product, or service, or the way in which your products or services are distributed. Do not use the mark in a manner that suggests that Microsoft is warranting or has tested your product or services.

Do Not Misappropriate Graphical Representations of OpenType

Do not create any graphic or design out of the OpenType trademark or the system icons used to represent OpenType fonts, and do not include this trademark or name in any logos created by you or your company.

Do Not Use OpenType in a Web Identity

Do not include the OpenType name in a domain name or use it to brand your Web site.