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    Frequently asked questions

  • Microsoft works with third-party financing providers to facilitate payment solutions for credit-approved customers under the Microsoft Financing program.

    Microsoft Financing offers simple, flexible, and impactful payment solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of any business. They enable you to structure your technology spend so it aligns with your budget, cash flow, and deployment schedules. The result – you can meet your evolving business demands quickly by getting the solutions you need when you want them.

  • Microsoft Financing designs convenient, flexible options that can be customized to help you structure your technology spend to meet your business needs—close budget gaps, solve payment-timing issues, and match investment to deployment and ROI.

  • Microsoft Financing is available for products and services that are sold through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs including the MPSA, Enterprise Agreement, Select Plus, and Open License programs. Payment solutions are available for Products and Services such as Azure, O365, Dynamics, Premier Support Services, Microsoft Consulting Services, and most third-party products and services (minimum Microsoft content applies).

  • Yes, Microsoft Financing can be used to cover services and third-party products as long as a minimum Microsoft product threshold requirement is met. Threshold requirements will vary by country, so please check with your local Payment Solution Sales Professional or partner for additional information.

  • Microsoft Financing rates are determined by market conditions, transaction size, and customer credit status. The rate is then fixed for the duration of the agreement for easy budgeting.

  • You can apply for any amount you need to finance the entire solution, or just a portion of it, provided the amount exceeds the minimum threshold in your country. The minimums vary by country but, for example is US$3,000 in the United States.

    Please consult your local Payment Solution Sales Professional or partner for additional information.

  • There is generally no requirement for down payments.

  • Yes, new software purchases, True-ups, or additional services can be added to the agreement at any time.

    • Contact your local Microsoft Account Manager, Microsoft Partner, or authorized distributor; or
    • Send email to to be connected with your dedicated Payment Solution Sales Professional.
  • Microsoft Financing payment solutions are currently offered in 22 countries.

    • Asia Pacific: Australia, Japan, and New Zealand
    • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom
    • Americas: Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and United States
  • Any commercial or public sector customer (may vary by country) that licenses Microsoft software as part of their IT investment is eligible. Please check with your Microsoft Partner or local Payment Solution Sales Professional for additional information.

  • Financing providers in the Microsoft Financing program use prudent, industry-standard lending terms and procedures. Lending decisions are made by the financing provider and are based on the creditworthiness of the customer. Credit terms and industry standards vary by country. Factors that historically have benefited customer credit approval include:

    • Report profitable operations
    • Are well established in their industry and have been in business at least two years
    • Have a good payment history as reported by outside credit bureau
    • Have a transaction size that is comparable to the overall capacity of their business size
    • Have no history of bankruptcies and/or unfavorable judgments
    • Have a positive net worth

These web pages are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer of credit by Microsoft or its affiliates. Microsoft works with third-party financial institutions to facilitate payment solutions for eligible commercial and government customers under the Microsoft Financing program. To be eligible, a customer must be credit-approved by the applicable third-party financial institution. The Microsoft or financial institution agreement sets forth the terms and conditions on which the payment solution is offered.


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