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Licensing brief: Licensing Windows client and server operating systems in multiuser scenarios

Applies to all Volume Licensing programs


This licensing brief can help clarify Microsoft Volume Licensing policies for the Windows client, Windows Server, and Windows MultiPoint Server operating systems when the potential for multiuser scenarios exists. The Windows client operating system license terms do not permit multiple users to access or otherwise use one licensed copy of the software simultaneously. However, Windows Server operating systems and Windows MultiPoint Server are designed and licensed for multiuser scenarios and should be used for all Windows multiuser scenarios.

Programs such as the Microsoft Office System suite and/or individual Microsoft Office suite components require individual licenses for each device on which they are used, whether they are running locally on the device or remotely on a shared server operating system.

What’s new in this brief

This brief replaces a previous version published in November 2013. It has been updated to reflect licensing changes in Windows Enterprise.

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