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Select Plus is being retired

Effective July 1, 2016, in markets where the MPSA is available*, Microsoft will stop accepting new orders and Software Assurance renewals through existing commercial Select Plus agreements at your next agreement anniversary date.

The MPSA offers a more modern licensing platform that enables you to buy licenses for online services, software, and Software Assurance through a simpler and more flexible agreement. Review the Select Plus retirement frequently asked questions (FAQ) or contact your licensing partner for details about how to move to the MPSA.

Is the MPSA right for your organization?

The MPSA is available worldwide* for organizations purchasing 250 or more licenses for online services or software that do not want an Enterprise Agreement, Enrollment for Education Solutions, or managed services.

For pre-sales questions in the United States, call (800) 426-9400.

Find global Customer Service phone numbers.

*This retirement does not apply to government and academic Select Plus agreements or where the MPSA is unavailable on 1 July, 2016. For a full list of markets where the MPSA is available, see the MPSA FAQ.

The following table compares the added features and benefits that the MPSA brings to your organization compared to Select Plus.



Select Plus Agreement

Minimum number of PCs




Offerings available




License and Software Assurance



Software Assurance



Online services



Based on product pools



On-premises software counts toward price level



Microsoft online services count toward price level


Multiple active partners under a single account


Payment options







Short-term subscriptions


To buy or renew through a Microsoft Volume Licensing program, contact your Microsoft partner or local reseller. Be sure to ask your partner or local reseller to review program agreement terms and conditions, pricing, and payment terms during the ordering process.

If you have a Select Plus agreement and are ready to move to the MPSA, view the Select Plus retirement FAQ for more information.

United States and Canada

For more information about Microsoft Volume Licensing or to order or renew software licenses, contact your preferred Microsoft Reseller.

  • In the United States, call (800) 426-9400 or find an authorized reseller.
  • In Canada, call the Microsoft Resource Centre at (877) 568-2495.


For information about Volume Licensing offerings available in your area, visit the Microsoft Volume Licensing website for your country/region.

Do you qualify?

See how your organization could qualify for Microsoft Financing.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Select Plus retirement.


  • With the MPSA transactional offer available worldwide as of July 2015, Microsoft is retiring Select Plus for commercial customers so that customers can seamlessly transition to the new, improved MPSA experience. There will be no impact on previous or existing orders made on Select Plus; this change only affects the ability to make future orders.

    The retirement does not apply to academic or government customers purchasing through Select Plus.

  • Microsoft stopped accepting new commercial Select Plus agreements.

  • That is the first day that orders will start to be rejected by Microsoft on existing commercial Select Plus agreements. This date will vary by customer, as we are stopping purchasing for customers at their Select Plus Agreement anniversary date.

  • If the MPSA is not available in your country, the change does not affect you. The Select Plus retirement only affects commercial customers in locations where the MPSA is available.

  • When the MPSA launches in a new geography, commercial Select Plus customers in that geography will be able to continue to place new orders under their Select Plus agreement for 90 days after the MPSA launch date. After 90 days, they will need to move to the MPSA.

  • You will continue to have full rights and access to all software and Software Assurance that were acquired through Select Plus.

  • Select License has been retired since 2011. If you have a Select License agreement signed before July 1, 2011, you were able to renew once for 12 or 36 months. We recommended that you move to the MPSA for transactional purchasing.

  • There are currently no plans to retire Select Plus for the public sector. However, we recommend that new and existing government and academic organizations investigate the MPSA because it may be a better fit and offer more options.

  • Moving to the MPSA

  • The MPSA is a new foundational “master” agreement that significantly simplifies the Volume Licensing agreement by consolidating common terms and conditions from standard Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements into a single agreement for all organizations. It includes terms and conditions from the Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA) and Microsoft Select Plus agreement, and terms for purchasing Microsoft online services. By streamlining the overall contract and integrating transactional purchases for software and online services, you will have more flexibility to get the full value of your entire organization’s purchases.

    The advantages of the MPSA over Select Plus include the ability to have different account types and multiple partners on a single agreement and a new, intuitive asset management tool. Like Select Plus, the MPSA is a non-expiring agreement.

  • The retirement of Select Plus applies only to commercial agreements, and not to government or academic agreements, in countries where the MPSA is available. Your ability to transact through Select Plus will not be affected until the agreement anniversary date following July 1, 2016.

  • You can sign an MPSA with the help of your channel partner using your existing Select Plus price level to determine the price level through the MPSA. You would then stop purchasing through the Select Plus agreement and begin purchasing through the new MPSA.

  • Transactional purchasing rules through the MPSA are just like those for Select Plus, so you will be able to make transactional purchases of license only or license and Software Assurance. However, the MPSA also offers integrated purchasing of Microsoft online services and on-premises software through an agreement that is simpler and more flexible than Select Plus. The MPSA has greatly simplified terms and the language has been changed and reduced to be more straightforward. The details about ordering, downloading products and keys, Software Assurance benefits, and additional rights have been moved to the new MPSA licensing manual.

    The MPSA offers other enhanced features that are not available through Select Plus. For example, the MPSA:

    • Gives you more options with the ability to create purchasing accounts, which let you define how you want to purchase (by affiliate, division, department, or any other group that you define in your organization) and work with multiple partners under a single account.
    • Integrates purchasing for online services, software, and Software Assurance, reducing the administrative overhead associated with managing multiple agreements.
    • Can save you time and money by enabling you to combine purchase points across software and online services for the best price level for commercial customers.
  • No. All licenses purchased through the MPSA are managed entirely through the new the Microsoft Business Center, which offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that lets you quickly view and generate reports and manage your portfolio of Microsoft products and services across your entire organization. Assets acquired outside the MPSA—for example through Select Plus—will continue to be managed through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). We encourage customers to make new purchases through the MPSA, which will accelerate the management of all their active licenses through the new Microsoft Business Center and eliminate the need to access the older VLSC. Until all purchases are fully covered by an MPSA, customers will need to manage using both tools to ensure data continuity and accuracy.

  • Qualifying with Select Plus

  • Yes. You can use an existing Select Plus price level as a qualifying contract to move to an MPSA with the following steps:

    1. Use the existing Select Plus agreement to qualify for a better price level per pool in the MPSA.
    2. Stop buying under the Select Plus agreement and start buying under the MPSA.
    3. When Software Assurance coverage ends, review the Software Assurance, services, and subscriptions and work with your partner to determine what you would like to renew into the MPSA.
  • Yes. You may use an active Select Plus agreement, or an active Enterprise Enrollment or Enterprise Subscription Enrollment, to set the initial price level for the MPSA.

  • Additional information

  • No. The Enterprise Agreement remains the optimal way to standardize software and online services, offering a rich set of benefits and price advantages for volume purchasing for customers committed to purchasing across their entire organization. Today, the MPSA is the appropriate way to make transactional purchases across affiliates to take advantage of volume pricing and improved asset management.

  • Contact your channel partner. You can also find information, including customer case studies and an overview video, on the MPSA webpage.

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